District 17 Meeting Schedule

First District Meeting:
August 11, 2018 Post 6158 @ 9:00am Fair Oaks (uniform polo/cover)

Second District Meeting:
October 27, 2018 Post 8254 @ 9:00am Ione (uniform blue/gray/cover)

Third District Meeting:
February 9, 2019 Post 904 @ 9:00am Rocklin (uniform blue/gray/cover) Officer Nominations

Fourth District Meeting:
May 11, 2019 Post 3010 @ 9:00am Lincoln (uniform blue/gray/cover) Officer Elections and Installation

Other dates:
August 18th, SOI Post 1487 Roseville 0900-1600
October 6th, SOI Makeup #1 Post 8762 West Sac, 0900-1600
October 26th-28th Department Commander Official Visit
May 18th 2019 SOI Makeup #2  New Elected Officer Training 0900-1600


WEEK 1st of each Month:       Tuesday            Post 2003, Post 10165 
                                                                  Friday                Post 2655, Post 9241

WEEK 2nd of each Month:      Monday           Post 7143, Post 11294
                                                                  Tuesday           Post 904, Post 1267, Post 1487, Post 6158
                                                                  Wednesday   Post 1985, Post 3010, Post 6949, Post 8358
                                                                                                Post 8762
                                                                  Thursday        Post 2073, Post 9498
                                                                   Friday              Post 2680
                                                                   Saturday        Post 8985 

WEEK 3rd of each Month:       Monday           Post 11091
                                                                  Tuesday           Post 10125
                                                                   Wednesday  Post 6604
                                                                   Thursday       Post 4647

Week 4th of each Month:          Thursday      Post 67   

Commander's Corner

​​William "Will" Buck
Commander District 17

VFW District 17 News
At our upcoming District Meeting on Saturday August 11th, the District needs to hold a nomination and election for officer positions that have been vacated recently.
District 17 Sr Vice Commander Jerry Thomason resigned, and James Shaw the 2nd Year Trustee is resigning due to some personal issues.  These resignations will result in Jr Vice Commander Dusty Byers moving up to Sr Vice.
As of right now there is one candidate for Jr Vice Commander, James "aaron" Astesana.  
Should anyone be interested in either position please be at the upcoming meeting.

The new reporting site is up and running.  Instructions follow.  See you all at Post 6158 Fair Oaks on August 11th st 0900 for our first District meeting.  Uniform is Polo Shirt, Shorts, and VFW Cover as Comrades are meeting outside.

                            "Our Journey"

On this road of life, you take the smiles with the sad,
Love what you've got and remember what you've had.
Have the strength to always forgive, but never forget,
Learn from your life's journey and have no regrets.

Life delivers constant change and things can go bad
Life's a traveled road filled with turns that make you sad.
As this journey nears its end, know you did your best,
With the tools you embraced, and your stories confessed.

Veterans know that our sacrifices bring duress,
The journey's been hard but we deserve some happiness.
We don't need the pats on the back or parades of past,
We must expose and expel those combat demons at last.

Love oneself, divest any guilt, throw out your shame,
Your battles recalled can be told with dignity reclaimed.
This union of families who share each other's pain,
Will sustain and last forever with heart felt gain.

Our next step ends, our traumas have been revealed,
The hurt will subside as we seek to be healed.
Thank us for our sacrifice, and service is but a given,
For our wounds have scars to honor our soldiers in heaven.

Our thanks to those that understand the roads we've walked,
They nurture our souls with respect; they talk the talk.
The impacts of trauma are both emotional and organic,
It's not a "disorder" that creates the fear and the panic.

We have faith in one another as we travel this road,
We share strength in our bond as we carry this load
On this journey of life, we have shared when we met,
We remain a band of brothers and sisters...US Combat Vets.

By: Jaime Lim, USN Air Combat Vet, Vietnam 67,68,69